November 18, 2023

Who Is Mira Murati, OpenAI’s New Interim CEO?

In the wake of CEO Sam Altman's sudden departure, Mira Murati has stepped into the role of OpenAI's interim CEO. Previously the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Murati has been at the forefront of ensuring the responsible development of OpenAI's groundbreaking AI technologies. Let's delve into Murati's journey, her pivotal role in OpenAI's evolution, and her perspective on the future of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Mira Murati's elevation from CTO to interim CEO marks a significant chapter in OpenAI's leadership. This transition comes at a critical time for the company, and Murati's insights offer a glimpse into the direction OpenAI is heading.

Mira Murati's Background

With a background spanning engineering, aerospace, automotive, VR, and AR, Murati brings a diverse skill set to her leadership role. Having worked at Tesla and a VR company, she has applied AI in real-world scenarios, envisioning AGI as the pinnacle of technological advancements.

Early Days at OpenAI

Joining OpenAI in 2018, Murati initially focused on the supercomputing strategy and managed research teams. Her early contributions laid the foundation for OpenAI's exploration into the capabilities of AI technology.

Key Milestones

Reflecting on key milestones during her tenure, Murati recalls the transformative moment when GPT-3 demonstrated the ability to translate languages, including Italian—an unexpected feat that showcased the model's versatility.

OpenAI's Evolution

OpenAI's journey from a nonprofit organization to incorporating a for-profit entity was not a decision taken lightly. Murati emphasizes the necessity of deploying models at scale to enhance their capabilities while safeguarding the nonprofit's mission.

Partnership with Microsoft

Addressing concerns about alignment with Microsoft's mission, Murati emphasizes the importance of investor alignment with OpenAI's goals. This alignment ensures the continuation of OpenAI's mission even in partnership with a big tech company.

Cultural Shift at OpenAI

The transformation from a research lab to a product company has significantly impacted OpenAI's culture. Murati acknowledges the need for continuous adaptation, emphasizing the responsibility of bringing AI technology to the world in a socially responsible way.

Involvement in Dall-E

Murati's involvement in the development of Dall-E, an AI model producing images, required considerations beyond text models. She highlights the collaborative efforts with creatives and the tool's potential to enhance creativity rather than replace it.

Impact of AI Products

With the release of AI products, questions about their immediate impact on copyright, plagiarism, and jobs emerged. Murati acknowledges the intentional deployment of technologies like GPT-4 to prompt public engagement and address societal issues.

Public Engagement

Making AI products available to the public is a deliberate strategy. Murati stresses the importance of a safe and responsible approach to integration, acknowledging the transformative potential of AI in various industries.

Ethical Considerations

Balancing safety, responsibility, and technological progress, Murati discusses the need to address ethical considerations such as copyright laws, privacy, governance, and regulation. OpenAI aims to make people experience firsthand the capabilities of AI.

ChatGPT's Perspective on Mira Murati

In an intriguing turn, when ChatGPT was asked about Mira Murati, it surprisingly expressed uncertainty about her identity. Despite allegations that she played a crucial role in creating ChatGPT, the AI language model seemed unaware of Mira Murati's significance within OpenAI. This raises some questions...

Vision for AGI

Expressing her belief in iterative deployments, Murati sees it as the optimal way to move towards AGI. She emphasizes the importance of continuous adaptation and feedback from real-world applications, especially as AGI approaches.

Embracing Technological Progress

Advocating for the acceptance of technological progress, Murati encourages embracing AI advancements rather than resisting them. The integration of AI into society is inevitable, and understanding its potential is crucial for responsible development.

Deployment Strategy

As OpenAI approaches AGI, Murati anticipates an evolving deployment strategy. Adapting to changing circumstances and incorporating feedback from real-world use cases is crucial for making AI more robust and adaptable.


In conclusion, Mira Murati's journey from CTO to interim CEO signifies a pivotal moment for OpenAI. Her insights into the evolution of the organization, the intentional deployment of AI products, and the vision for AGI offer a comprehensive understanding of OpenAI's trajectory.


  1. How did Mira Murati contribute to OpenAI's early days?
  2. Mira Murati played a crucial role in shaping OpenAI's supercomputing strategy and managing research teams.
  3. What milestones stand out during Mira Murati's tenure?
  4. GPT-3's ability to translate languages, including Italian, is a standout milestone mentioned by Murati.
  5. How has OpenAI's culture changed over the years?
  6. The transformation from a research lab to a product company has led to a continuous adaptation in OpenAI's culture.
  7. What ethical considerations does OpenAI prioritize in AI development?
  8. OpenAI prioritizes considerations such as copyright laws, privacy, governance, and regulation to ensure responsible AI development.
  9. What is Mira Murati's perspective on moving towards AGI?
  10. Murati believes in iterative deployments, emphasizing the importance of continuous adaptation and feedback as OpenAI approaches AGI.

Source: WIRED

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