February 16, 2024

MicroStrategy’s Unconventional Bitcoin Bet Is Now Worth $10 Billion

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, MicroStrategy Inc.’s CEO, Michael Saylor, made a seemingly unconventional decision: to invest the enterprise-software maker’s cash into Bitcoin. Little did he know that this move would transform the company’s financial landscape and position it as a major player in the cryptocurrency world.

A Shift in Strategy

Before the pivotal shift in the middle of 2020, the Tysons Corner, Virginia-based company, co-founded by Saylor, had approximately $500 million primarily invested in short-term U.S. government securities. However, as yields tumbled in the wake of the pandemic, Saylor began questioning the conventional investment strategy. He aptly described the company’s cash reserves as a “melting ice cube,” foreseeing the surge in inflation following the Federal Reserve’s policy relaxation.

The Bitcoin Journey

Fast forward almost four years, and Saylor has emerged as one of the most vocal advocates for cryptocurrency. MicroStrategy’s bold move to allocate a significant portion of its treasury to Bitcoin has paid off handsomely. As of the most recent price rally, the company’s Bitcoin holdings are now worth a staggering $10 billion. These unrealized gains represent nearly 70% appreciation based on the original cost of the Bitcoin held.

Earlier this month, MicroStrategy disclosed that it owns 190,000 Bitcoin, acquired at a total cost of $5.93 billion, or approximately $31,224 per Bitcoin, as of February 5. The recent surge in Bitcoin prices, which reached a more than two-year high of $52,749 on Thursday, has significantly boosted the company’s balance sheet.

A Unique Approach

While Saylor’s unconventional bet on Bitcoin has won the admiration of digital-asset proponents, it remains a rarity among U.S. public companies. Apart from Tesla Inc. and a handful of crypto-related firms, few have dared to hold the volatile cryptocurrency on their balance sheets. MicroStrategy’s shares now move in tandem with Bitcoin prices, with equity investors viewing the company as an easier-to-trade proxy for the cryptocurrency.


MicroStrategy’s journey from traditional software solutions to a Bitcoin powerhouse underscores the rapidly evolving landscape of finance and technology. As the crypto market continues to mature, Saylor’s bold move serves as a testament to the potential rewards—and risks—of embracing digital assets.

Source: Bloomberg

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