October 27, 2023

JPM Coin: Powering $1 Billion Daily Transactions

This blockchain-based innovation, initially trialed in 2019, is gaining traction among institutions and large corporations like Siemens treasury.

Blockchain Revolutionizing Payments

JPM Coin is the brainchild of JPMorgan, the world's largest bank, which embarked on a journey to revolutionize payments through blockchain technology. This innovative solution was first trialed in 2019 and has since gained momentum, especially among institutions and large corporations like Siemens treasury.

Tokenized Deposits for Seamless Money Flow

Siemens treasury is among the entities reaping the benefits of JPM Coin. They utilize tokenized deposits to facilitate swift and secure money transfers across their global subsidiaries, 24/7. This seamless movement of funds has streamlined their operations and eliminated the hassles associated with traditional banking systems.

Expanding Horizons

JPM Coin has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially designed for dollar payments, it expanded its horizons by including euros in June. Furthermore, the future holds more promise as JPMorgan contemplates further expansion. Recent developments include Bahrain's ABC Bank adopting the JP Morgan Coin Systems solution, facilitating cross-border payments between Bahrain and key financial hubs like the US, UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Exploring New Avenues

While the bank has primarily explored wholesale and B2B blockchain solutions, JPM Coin's potential extends beyond these realms. Takis Georgakopoulos, a key figure at JP Morgan, hints at a more retail-oriented version of this blockchain-based bank account. The goal is to bring the same efficiency enjoyed by institutions to the everyday consumer.

The Three Buckets of Digital Payments

JPM Coin is just one aspect of JPMorgan's digital payment solutions. The bank categorizes these solutions into three distinct buckets:

  1. Internal Ledger: This encompasses blockchain-based bank accounts like JPM Coin, which cater to the internal operations of the bank.
  2. Shared Ledger: JP Morgan has also co-founded Partior, a permissioned interbank network designed for multi-currency payments. Collaborating with institutions like DBS Bank, Temasek, and Standard Chartered, this initiative aims to streamline interbank transactions.
  3. Universal Ledger: The bank is actively involved in deposit token trials on public blockchains as part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore's project, making strides towards a universal ledger for digital payments.

In essence, JPM Coin represents a significant step towards transforming the financial landscape. With its widespread adoption, daily transactions worth $1 billion, and plans for further expansion, it's evident that JPMorgan is at the forefront of blockchain-based financial innovation.


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